Portrait of a woman with dark hair and a red top, against blurred green plants.

Portrait photography

Capture the unique character of your subject

From creative family photos to inventive party snaps, discover fresh inspiration, tips and tricks for taking perfect portraits – whatever the occasion. Find out which lenses are right for your needs and see how you can develop your portraiture skills.

מוצרים וחבילות מומלצים

Best cameras and lenses for portraits

The best portraits are relaxed and effortless - capturing the personality of the subject and essence of the day without force or rigidity. From natural group shots to professional portraits, every shoot is different: style, environment and lighting are paramount for beautiful results, and the right equipment lets you explore and nurture your abilities. Take a look through our guide and find the best portrait lens and camera kit to suit you.

The back of a Canon camera, showing a portrait photo being taken.

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